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"Let her speak when we get to the black topics."

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The “conscious” community hates rappers but why? In reality many (not all) of them are just average kids who come in poor black neighborhoods who happen to get a deal from some white man looking to make money off them. Yes, their mentality is self-destruction, self-hating, and black community destructive. The PERFECT  qualities that these industries look for when they want to give a deal. You think some poor black kid who is looking for a way out is going to pass up a chance to be a famous and be rich in capitalistic society such as this?  

What’s my point? Redirect your anger towards rappers to the industries that put them there. Look at “Bobby Shmurda”  2 months ago he nobody knew who he was. He drops one track about shooting/drug selling and it’s national hit being played on the radio everywhere. You gonna hate bobby for not speaking on black issues? These dudes are ignorant because of the environment they come from and “getting money” doesn’t change that. Having money doesn’t mean they “know thy self”.
Music Industry, The School system, and the Prison system all linked. 
I’m not saying don’t hold rapper accountable but when you are attacking them always keep in mind it’s bigger than music. Peace!
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I felt like I was watching a video of myself, she’s me

I love me some Tracee

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Gorgeous Interpretations of Dia De Los Muertos by Andrew Gallimore and John Rankin

Rankin and Andrew Gallimore team up to create a stunning and colorful spin on the famous Mexican holiday, Dia De Los Muertos.

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